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Disappointing People Isn't Fun. It's Hard. But Sometimes It's Part of Rescue.

Sharing to give readers different perspectives on what it's like to run a pet rescue.  Read emails from the bottom up, the person's name has been deleted for her privacy of course... Make a Plan for Your Pet via a will or pet trust! 10:05 AM (0 minutes ago) to  s--- , bcc:  Michele Shannon, I am very sorry to disappoint you.  I do not want to disappoint anyone, but unfortunately it comes with the territory of running a rescue at times.  Having recently had knee surgery too... we feel it's not the right time in your life to have a young dog. Should you feel otherwise, that's fine.  We could be wrong, but must do what we feel and believe is right, for the pet and person.  Freckles was adopted out yesterday.  -So sorry to disappoint you again.  I wish you luck in finding the right pet.  Very Best, Jessica L. Pita, owner and primary pet caregiver On Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 12:48 AM s--- > wrote: Hi Jessica!   I am so disappointed, as I trul

Are You a Young Person Considering Re-Homing Your Dog? -Consider This.

  Yuri was a happy, fun-loving, pot-smoking, young Brazilian man living the beach life in SoBe, Miami, when we met.      A happy-go-lucky type, even when luck wasn't much on his side (which was pretty  often), Yuri was also a dog-lover.  Yuri P.     He was my friend.  We ran with some of the same crowd of Brasileiros on Miami Beach, and he was just a great person.  I was working at the shelter then.  And he was open to having a dog.  Back then, if you were 'open to having a dog,' and I knew you... you were targeted, or soon-to-be-targeted as a potential adopter for a sweet, innocent death-row-dog.  Reason being: circa 2010 Miami Dade was still euthanizing for time/space ( this means lack of time/space in shelter talk ), and pet euthanasia was a daily reality in the shelter then.     And as much as I tried to keep from going to URI (upper respiratory infection), a long, double-sided row of kennels housing our dogs with URI, I could never stay away for long.  Since it's v