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Welcome to The Paw and Feather Plan's Blog!

    I am so grateful the seed was planted in my mind to start a blog for my business. It only makes sense since: I love to write and am PASSIONATE about 'my other baby,' The Paw and Feather Plan LLC.
Why on earth do I refer to my business as 'my other baby?!'  Because, like a human baby, a business must be nurtured daily in order to grow. 
And to nurture a business daily you must be passionate about your business... and that I am!
So, this blog is another tool in my toolbox, one I can use to nurture my business by getting the word out about the service we provide!
I also envision it becoming a helpful resource for pet owners on an array of pet-related issues. 
I believe wholeheartedly the service we provide is vital for many pet owners and pets, around the country, and around the world. Therefore it's my God-given-duty to spread the word as far and wide as possible about what we do as: The Paw and Feather Plan!

Now, me and blo…