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Are Lawn Care Products Killing Our Pets?

One evening, while in Miami for vacation, I met up with an old friend I know through pet rescue work.
    It was great spending time with this friend, especially since she radiates joy.
   While catching up, we inevitably stumbled upon the subject of pets.

    My friend mentioned that her family had lost their 3 dogs, all to cancer, within months of each other a few years back.  -Clearly this was a devastating blow.
    "Were you feeding them high-quality food?" I asked. "I must admit, I was giving my dogs 'ok-dog-food' and never had put much thought into what they were eating... until I lost them both to cancer within a year of each other. My collie mix passed away at age 8 and my shepherd mix at age 9," I added. 
    "Yes, we fed our dogs high quality food, Nature's Recipe Grain Free is what we had always given them.  I did some research after they died and narrowed it down to what we were using on our lawns.  I read a lot and we think that could'…