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Is There a Puppy Shortage, or a Puppy Surplus?

The answer to that question has a lot to do with where you live.     If you're in a rural area in the southeastern part of the United States there are still far more puppies than there are homes for them. There are likely abandoned dogs in public places, and your municipal shelters are likely still euthanizing for time/space.     In 2006, here in Louisville, Ky., I worked for Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS).       At that time our shelter, along with the grand majority of shelters nationwide, was euthanizing more than 1/2 of the animals that came in ... and most euthanasia was due to time/space.       This means "time/space" was written on the kennel cards of the dozens of animals that were put down daily as the reason for euthanasia... referring to the lack of kennel or cage s pace  and the lack of time to wait for a kennel or cage to open up.  Simba, a transport dog we fostered     This is still hard for me to even write about.  -Losing s