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Many Hats are Worn, Some Fit Better than Others

Last week I met a business coach for coffee. 
I wasn't looking to hire him nor was I seeking business advice.      Our meeting came about thanks to a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting. I had been invited to a local chapter meeting as a local business owner.
That organization seems to be highly effective for a lot of business owners however it's not for me, not for now anyway!
    As a follow up to a BNI meeting it's common for attendees to reach out to one another to discuss their businesses in greater detail.
    I sent follow up emails to all BNI chapter members and got a response from a couple people wanting to meet over coffee (again, this is typical BNI structure).
So, Bob (we'll call him) the business coach and I met at a local coffee shop. 
    We hada short time to chat per his schedule which was fine by me.
    He asked me some questions about my business, one of which was: "Are you on track to meet your first year goals?"
    My initial answer …