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Wills and Trusts and Pets, Oh My!

" Yes, I need to put my pet in my will. Or wait... is it supposed to be a trust ?" I'm quoting anyone there, no one in particular.  I could be quoting you!  The fact is: figuring out how to best include pets in our life  and  death plans can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.     But, it's the right thing to do: for your pet, your loved ones, and your own peace of mind.     And, with the right estate planning attorney, the process won't be as bad as you think... we  promise ! Fundamental Differences Between Wills and Trusts: -Standard wills go into effect after your death while trusts can go into effect as soon as they're created ( think, you create a trust with your attorney and on the way home get in a wreck and become comatose- that trust could start working for you immediately... after order from judge granted )     -Wills pass through probate court. Trusts do not    - Wills become public record while trusts can be kept pri