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Wills and Trusts and Pets, Oh My!

" Yes, I need to put my dog in my will. Or wait... is it supposed to be a trust ?" I'm quoting anyone there, no one in particular. I could be quoting you!  The fact is: figuring out how to best include pets in our life  and  death plans can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.     But, it's the right thing to do, for your pet, your loved ones, and your own peace of mind.     And, with the right estate or probate attorney, the process won't be as bad as you think... promise ! Fundamental Differences Between Wills and Trusts: -Wills go into effect only after your death while trusts go into effect as soon as they're created ( think, you create a trust with your attorney and on the way home get in a wreck and become comatose- that trust would start working for you immediately ) -Wills pass through probate court. Trusts do not. - Wills become public record while trusts can be kept private. -Living wills are different than last will