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Should Pure-Bred Puppies Cost More Than Rescue Puppies?

 "$300?! If the Humane Society's charging that much for puppies people will just pay a little more and go buy from a breeder!" While I'm embarrassed to admit it, those words came out of my mouth just a few years ago.     Why did I think that way?      Maybe I was spoiled by our low adoption fees from my time working at the municipal shelter in Miami ($65/dog adoptions, $35/2 for 1 cat adoptions and 1/2 off adoptions every Wednesday).     Maybe I thought a 'non-profit' shouldn't be charging so much, weren't they a charity after all?     Maybe I was sincerely worried a lot of people would say, "If I have to pay that much for a mutt, I might as well go by the purebred (insert your favorite breed) I've always wanted."    I'm a "rescued is my favorite breed" person through and through.  But I know that not everyone is. And that's o.k.  -But it took me a long time to 'get there'; I used to not even be able to befriend