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Lori's Story: Having a Will is Doing the Right Thing

 Before we bought our house in 2018, we rented a nice little house in the U of L district.      We moved there from Miami when my son was just 7 weeks old.        -It was late February.       Once the weather was nice, I used to walk up and down the dead-end street with the baby in the stroller, and our then-4-dogs; the dogs and I built our way up to taking longer walks with the stroller pretty quickly.      I consider myself a highly sociable person, and typically befriend many of my neighbors. There was a house on our street a few doors down, across the street, that had a lot of activity.  Cars coming and going, a walker or two coming and going.  There were a 2 cars in the driveway that never left, one could almost assume they didn't run.      One afternoon as my husband and I were walking the dogs and our son, a man in his late 50's hobbled out on his walker, saying he knew we had called the police on his roommate, he knew my husband worked with his roommate's sister, an