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My Rescue's Interesting Experience With Google Ads

 As a one-woman-show in regards to running all business aspects of this foster-based pet rescue, the $100 coupon to 'try out Google Ads' caught my attention.      Most of us are at least aware that one can pay Google to have its business promoted on Google, having one's services and/or products 'show up higher' in the list of search term results.      -Don't worry, that's about as techy as my talk gets!      However, as with most of the general public, my understanding of this esoteric thing called Google Ads was, at best, basic.      That didn't stop me.  I whipped out my credit, added several tags upon being prompted (animal welfare, pets in planning, pet care, pet caregiver, pet rescue, etc.), then defined the entire nation as my 'audience' since this is technically a nationwide service...  and my website was officially being promoted on Google!       'Cool,' I thought. This is something I'd wanted to try for a long time.  -And i