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Why You Need a Will

A book I'm reading, Estate Planning When You Have Pets , inspired me to write this blog.     As the owner of The Paw and Feather Plan I help people think ahead to prevent their pets from becoming homeless.  With a little planning, this can be a surprisingly simple task!           For the legal aspects of planning (wills, directives and trusts) I refer clients to competent, animal-loving, estate-planning attorneys.      So why then am I writing about "why you need a will?"      I should just leave this topic to the professionals right?! -Wrong.     While I cannot (nor do I want to) offer legal advice since I'm not an attorney, I can share my brief story with wills and how my perception of life and death planning has changed over the past couple of years.  This is a topic people need to be comfortable contemplating and discussing; after all we're all going to die one day!       When my son was born in 2014 I started thinking about getti