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Copy of Referral Letter, per her request, for one of our fosters, Gabrielle

The Paw and Feather Plan Inc 4218 Curtis Ave Louisville, Ky. 40213 502-309-4155 EIN 36-4966263 January 19, 2023 State Bar, California 845 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA. 900017 To Whom It May Concern, This letter confirms that Gabrielle Attig is an active volunteer with Paw and Feather Plan Inc., a non-profit pet rescue. Ms. Attig donates her time, energy and love to pets in need, and to this rescue, by fostering dogs in need of a place to call (temporary) home, while we find them permanent homes. To date, Gabrielle has fostered 2 dogs for the rescue. She’s graciously handled some of the transport on her own, and even though the rescue supplies fosters with food, treats, etc., Gabrielle is one of those fosters that has taken it upon herself to supply the foster dogs with whatever they need… without burdening the rescue in any way. Gabrielle is a strong and direct young woman. -A few weeks ago, I scheduled a dental for a dog in her car