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Despite Added Quality Of Life for Seniors, Pet Ownership Decreases with Age

The advantages of pet ownership for seniors are undeniable. 
   Some studies show pet ownership lowers blood pressure.  Others reveal pet ownership relieves depression and lowers triglyceride levels.      There's even data showing post-heart-attack and/or stroke patients that are dog owners live longer than non-dog-owners. 

    We could go on and on about studies and data but the fact is, as a pet owner, none of these stats surprise me.   
    There are some things in life we just know, without even needing to 'see the numbers.' 
    Knowing that by being a long-time pet lover and owner, my physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual health are benefited, 
is plain fact to me.

And knowing these benefits are even more significant for our senior 
population isn't surprising. 
    -As we age, we often spend more time alone so the benefit of companionship a pet offers is noteworthy     -As we age, we might become complacent with exercise and activity regimens.  A pet can motivate …