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~A Call from a Desperate, yet Calm and Collected Dog Owner~

 "This is Jessica," I answered. "Yeah, I need help with putting my dog to sleep," he responded.  "Um, ok, that's not exactly what we do; you'd need a vet to do that, but I could perhaps console you on this process, or offer some input maybe?" I said.  "OK, or could you rescue my dog?" said the caller.  "I don't know, maybe. Tell me about the dog." I said. "OK, he's a red nosed pit bull," answered the caller. "Ok, age... neutered?" I inquired.  "He's about 4 years old and he's not neutered.  The thing is: he's become aggressive-like with my wife and our kid.  He won't listen to them and it makes them nervous. He only listens to me," said the man. "Hmm, we don't have a foster at this time..." I started... "So you can't help me.  No one can help, I've called all different rescues. I put him on Facebook, no one wants him," said the man, calmly, yet