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House Breaking a Puppy or Dog: Setting Them Up for Success

There are likely thousands of articles on house-breaking dogs.     That being said this is still a tough issue for a lot of newer dog owners so, I'm sharing my knowledge in the hopes it will help others along the way.
    After 13 years of fostering dogs there's one thing I know to be true: every dog is different.  Some are easy to potty-train, others, not so much. 

In this post I'll lay out what I do and what works best in our household.
This post is partially titled "Setting Them Up for Success."       Reason being: I often see folks getting off to the wrong start with their dogs when it comes to potty training/house-breaking.  A quick example: a few weeks ago I was in a local pet store (think pet food supply store-not a puppy-mill-peddler store).                There was a little blind poodle up for adoption with one of our local rescue groups there.  -I'm not saying names of particular places or rescues out of respect.        There was a couple with a teenage da…