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We Are Not a Specialty Mommy and Puppy Rescue; So How Do We Keep Ending Up With Them?

I remember feeling frustrated at times with how quickly we'd secure foster homes for puppies, or mommy-puppy combos while working at Miami Dade Animal Services, circa 2010.  Reason Being: During my time at MDAS, I'd spend days of intense networking and socializing a number of high-risk, larger adult dogs at any given time, doing everything in my power to get these dogs adopted, fostered, or into a reputable rescue (rescues like Miami Dogs on the Move, or Big Dog Ranch) in time .   This was one of those 'at-risk big dogs' I helped get out, Mega Event, Miami, 2012, thx to Tracy Deering for fostering this guy!      With many, I had success. With others, time ran out, and I lost some dear 4-legged friends to euthanasia.     But when it came to puppies and/or mommies with pups, we had much better luck with finding fosters or rescue fast .  It could be disheartening, working on a specific at-risk dog for days, just to have a pair of cute puppies come in, and be fostered out t

Part 2 of 'Considering Rehoming Your Dog': Correspondences with One Fret Adopter

   Part 1 was "Are You a Young Person Considering Re-H oming  Your Dog? Consider This."   - A link to that blog can be found at the end of this post.         In  this  post you'll read an email correspondence between  a PAFP  adopter and me.  I've simply copied and pasted the emails here.  - Of course  the adopter's name and email address are omitted for her privacy.        For the reader's reference, the dog this email refers to had been confiscated by a county shelter due to neglect.  The dog then spent nearly 1 year in that shelter's custody until the owner's court case concluded.       Then our rescue took her in, she spent approximately one month in foster care, was adopted out to a lovely lady, returned to us within 24 hours, then about a week later, was adopted out to the person that sent this email.  -She's a gorgeous hound dog.        -Sharing this could help someone else. 😊           ------------ Wed, Oct 6, 1:11 PM to me        Hi Jess