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Examining the term 'Foster Failure'

This is where I left off in revising old blogs... this is the next one I need to review and revise for grammatical errors, and such... not yet revised! ......... " After 13 years of fostering, for the 1st time, I’m a “foster failure!” I’m still scratching my head as to how this happened so, I’ll just blame it on my husband since it was his idea!"   That was my facebook post a couple weeks ago and there was confusion about the term 'foster failure.'  Let's  delve into this subject a bit! Foster Failure ( noun ): a pet-foster-parent designated to temporarily keep/care for a pet that ends up permanently adopting said pet. definition provided by me Thomas, a little dog we fostered 4 yrs ago, pictured here with his adopter     -If you google the term you'll find other similar definitions.       And most of what you'll find is lighthearted.     But ... my background in shelter and rescue work puts an entirely different spin on the i

Copy of letter sent to the director of our municipal shelter regarding upcoming lay offs (Paw Plan Practices Activism!)

Note: All things pass.   Glad to report that Laura is happily teaching middle school, and has been doing such since this layoff, back in 2019. :) The current Volunteer Coordinator, Kristin, is excellent too!  Updated 01-30-24 Jessica L Pita ------------------- Louisville, KY 40213 LMAS Volunteer Ozzy Gibson, Director Louisville Metro Animal Services 3705 Manslick Rd Louisville KY 40215 Mr. Gibson, I was saddened to know LMAS is affected by the city-wide budget cuts and forced to lay off a handful of employees. It has to be very difficult for you and all upper management to decide which positions to (temporarily) cut. LMAS is strong, and as a shelter community has been through a lot over the years. -And I'm certain the shelter will rebound from this hard hit. That being said, I was particularly troubled to learn of Laura Crook's proposed lay off. Community safety, for people and pets, is understandably priority #1 for LMAS. And j