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Copy of letter sent to the director of our municipal shelter regarding upcoming lay offs (Paw Plan Practices Activism!)

Jessica L Pita
Louisville, KY 40213
LMAS Volunteer

Ozzy Gibson, Director
Louisville Metro Animal Services
3705 Manslick Rd
Louisville KY 40215

Mr. Gibson,

I was saddened to know LMAS is affected by the city-wide budget cuts and forced to lay off a handful of employees. It has to be very difficult for you and all upper management to decide which positions to (temporarily) cut. LMAS is strong, and as a shelter community has been through a lot over the years. -And I'm certain the shelter will rebound from this hard hit.

That being said, I was particularly troubled to learn of Laura Crook's proposed lay off.
Community safety, for people and pets, is understandably priority #1 for LMAS.
And just below that comes animal well being while in your care.

Laura's role, as Public Education Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator, plays a crucial part of keeping pets, while in the shelter, content, calm and balanced.

Dogs and cats are in small enclosures on average 22.5 hours/day. They're let out to relieve themselves, physically and mentally, just a couple times daily (on good days)... by volunteers.

Laura's job is getting and keeping volunteers in the shelter to assure dogs (in particular) are sufficiently socialized, to avoid detriminal conditions such as 'kennel-crazy'.
She's very good at her job and has a great rapport with volunteers and the public; Laura is smart, humble and approachable.

Another important aspect of her job is educating the public on animal welfare and sheltering via off-site events. These events expose people to the shelter and our community's homeless pets.

I'm aware LMAS would divvy up Laura's job duties among other employees. -Laura does a lot of important work, especially for one person, and her presence adds immesurable value to the shelter as a whole. There's no way her absense wouldn't be sorely felt... by pets and people alike.
Hopefully her position can somehow be saved.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
The shelter has thrived under your calm, assertive leadership!


Jessica Pita


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