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Not All That Seek to Rehome a Pet... are Willing to Lift a Finger

  Funny title huh? Funny life sometimes, funny people sometimes...      On the same day this week, I had 2 different cat owners reach out to me for assistance with rehoming their respective cats.      The first, a young lady had sent a brief email on Sunday that went like this (literally copied and pasted here):   Help to re-home my mom cat Your message:   Hello my name is Summer and my mom has cancer and no longer can take care of her cat As you may notice, there's no info about the cat, no picture, and no contact number. -So I emailed her back, requesting a pic of the cat, and her phone number. -She sent me the info., and followed up later on Sunday evening, asking when I'd call her. ~So there was an implied sense of urgency to the situation. I nicely responded that I'd call her on Monday morning (I try very hard to not do too much rescue stuff on Sundays) to explain how we could help out in this particular situation. Here's the sweet little kitty On Monda