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5 Ways PAFP Rescue Regularly and Gratuitously Helps in Our Community! #giveforgoodlou

  This document highlights some of Paw and Feather Plan's work, and how it positively impacts the lives pets and people in and around the community, and abroad (Brazil shelter once/yearly, etc.).  I do hope this list motivates individuals to donate $10< on 09/15/2022 for Give for Good Day. 😊   This is a big day not only for this rescue, but also for 500+ other nonprofits across Louisville.  There will be many random  BOOSTS to donations throughout the day via several Community Foundation Sponsors ... so please participate !  If you don't donate, there'll be nothing to boost. And if you do donate, your $10 could instantaneously become $1010!  #LiveGenerously #InstantKarma  List of 6 Ways We Help Out On the Regular: 1.) Free counseling services (typically via email or phone, these can be quite lengthy calls!) to pet owners in distress, wanting or needing to surrender pets.      -On average I assist 4 people/weekly with this gratuitous service.  I cannot help everyone