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Copy of e-letter sent to Gov Beshear, re: Ky New Hire Dept is a Waste of Taxpayer Money, and Should be Dissolved

 To the Office of the Governor,     Good afternoon.  I own a small nonprofit pet rescue based in Louisville, Ky.       $2300 were earned via a successful Give For Good Louisville fundraiser this past Oct. (I only fundraise twice a year by the way).  With this money, I hired the rescue's first part time, much-needed employee, Diane Dickey.     This was a moment of great pride for me and my rescue.  Diane works approximately 8 hours/week at $15/hour.  She really needed this type of job and her help has been, well, very helpful.       The process of understanding all of the rescue's requirements with municipal, state and federal government tax departments was overwhelming at first.  I invested significant time and energy in researching everything, and setting up the mandated online accounts (KY one stop, EIN verification, e-mints, etc), and thankfully had a friend of the rescue set up a pay spreadsheet for me that calculates and auto-populates deductions to be withheld from Diane&