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Many Hats are Worn, Some Fit Better than Others

Last week I met a business coach for coffee. 

     I wasn't looking to hire him nor was I seeking business advice. 
    Our meeting came about thanks to a BNI (Business Networking International) meeting. I had been invited to a local chapter meeting as a local business owner.

    That organization seems to be highly effective for a lot of business owners however it's not for me, not for now anyway!

    As a follow up to a BNI meeting it's common for attendees to reach out to one another to discuss their businesses in greater detail.

    I sent follow up emails to all BNI chapter members and got a response from a couple people wanting to meet over coffee (again, this is typical BNI structure).

So, Bob (we'll call him) the business coach and I met at a local coffee shop. 

    We had a short time to chat per his schedule which was fine by me.

    He asked me some questions about my business, one of which was: "Are you on track to meet your first year goals?"

    My initial answer was a confused look and a pause then came, 
    "I'm not sure how to answer that." 
    "Do you not have a goal in mind for your business?" he replied, smiling somewhat brazenly. 

And with that I was off, it took no time for my brain to 'snap into gear' and for me to spew out a coherent answer:

    "You know, financially, I guess I don't Bob.  My 'goal' for this business is to 1.) Do the right thing always 2.) Be honest and forthright 3.) Work hard and... from there I trust that G**/ The Universe is taking me to my highest good.  
    This business is of a very delicate nature since it deals with one's estate plans.  Early on, when I started this business I prayed to G** to be spared thoughts of money in regards to this business."

    I went on to say,  "Now, as for your question, I suppose it's a helpful one for most businesses, but not for all businesses."

    [But you must recognize doing well will allow you to do more and be more effective] -paraphrasing Bob's response here.

    "Yes, that's true and naturally I dream of being able to support my family, doing what I most love, which is running The Paw and Feather Plan, but for now I prefer to just focus on the value of our service and getting the word out.  I have faith the rest will fall into place in due time."

So, as a Business Owner, Many Hats are Worn, Some Fit Better than Others.

    This aforementioned chat over coffee reminded me of that fact!
As the owner of this business I'm most comfortable wearing these hats:
    -Pet Caregiver

    Talking about financial aspects of the service I provide is not something I'm very comfortable with (that hat feels awkward!) ... does that mean I'm a 'bad business owner?' 
    Of course not.  It could mean many things but in my case I believe it means I have a deep-seated faith that all will work out splendidly and that it's not for me to fret over these matters what-so-ever.  -And, this is something I can work on in due time. 

So there, if this post has helped even one person, as a business owner (this post isn't about the pet stuff today, sorry!), great, my job here is done. :)

I have the utmost respect for BNI as a business networking organization, the same holds true for the noble profession of business coach, life coach, or any kind of coach for that matter!
I'm aware by choosing to type G** rather than God, that may make me come across as Jewish.  I am not Jewish but have a deep respect for the Jewish faith and appreciate the tradition of not using the word G**.  -I read a beautiful interpretation as to why devout Jewish people do not write out the word G** in a book by Fr. Richard Rohr.
Lastly,  "The Universe is taking me to my highest good," is one one my favorite affirmations.  It's by Louise L. Hay, and is used in this blog post. 



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